Unsuspecting People Turned to Superheroes with Snapchat

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Maybe you are one of the unsuspecting people Abhimanyu sketched up on one of his travels. His series is amusing not only in the Snapchat art itself, but the candid and unsuspected "victims" turn in to all sorts of characters is a pretty cool subject itself. Check out his gallery of people and a few of his other drawings below. 

What ItsMisterJadhav Have to Say About His Snaps

I am very new to Snapchat. There was a time when I used to make sketches on other apps and send them to my friends via whatsapp. I travel a lot every day and I come across a lot of people...either playing games on their phones, waiting for the train or just staring into infinity.

Snapchat has literally been a revelation. I don't usually make snapchat art, but when I do, I make regular people into superheroes or other such characters.  Friends love them. Some even look forward to them every day. I know its not much, but it makes me feel good to make people look out of their busy schedules and smile, even if its for a few seconds.

ItsMisterJadhav Snapchat Gallery

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Unsuspecting People Turned to Superheroes with Snapchat


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