Dasha Battelle, The Picasso Of Snapchat

Snaplight on @Dabttll

Meet Dasha, a very talented Snapchat artist. She is the first artist I followed on Snapchat and her creative art inspired me to make Snapchat doodles of my own. Her Snapchats have been featured on many sites and she's one of the top viral Snapchat artists. If that's not impressive enough, another cool trivia is that she uses only her fingers to draw  - no stylus! You can check out Dasha's website for more Snapchat drawings. Also add @Mashable - a Snapchat account she manages - how cool of a job is that?

What Dabttll Have to Say About Her Snaps

For me, Snapchat art and doodling is about taking mundane or everyday subject matter and adding interesting, clever, and spontaneous artistic twists. Be it visual commentary on current events or random artistic musings, Snapchat art should inspire a reaction from viewers ... even if it's just for a few short seconds :)

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Dasha Battelle, The Picasso Of Snapchat


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