Unleash the Superhero Inside You with Snapchat

Snaplight on @Cademoody85

You've seen artists turn themselves into Disney princesses, villains, cartoon characters and all sorts of cool characters using Snapchat. Cade, a talented Snapchat artist, turns himself and friends to comic and video game heroes. Check out his snaps and be sure to add him on Snapchat and Instagram for your daily dose of superheroes.

What Cademoody85 Have to Say About His Snaps

I do Snapchat for fun really. And honestly who hasn't grown up and fantasized about being a superhero or having powers? I still do! I love superheroes and I love turning myself and my friends into them. These little snaps also really help me express my creative side.

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Unleash the Superhero Inside You with Snapchat


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