Nerd Out on Dragon Ball Z with Snapchat

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Check out and follow the largest Snapchat account dedicated to just Dragon Ball Z (DBZ).  DBZ, in case you don't know, is a classic and highly popular Anime, Japanese cartoon. This account consist of snapsterpieces from the owner Johnny, himself, as well as fan submitted art. He also often has giveaways and contests. Also follow their Instagram account for more DBZ.

What DBZSnaps Have to Say

Back in February I got Snapchat, I figured out pretty quickly it was easy to draw Super Saiyan hair pretty easy. I liked my drawing so much I wanted to put it on a dragon ball snapchat page on Instagram, but one didn't exist. It came on like an unexplainable urge to fill that niche.

The page is essentially a fan art community, I like to feature everything people send me because they're just so excited that they can interact in the community. Whether it's perfectly timed jokes, awesome cosplays or amazing snapchat art. I try and maintain a hate-free page where people shouldn't be afraid to be expressive. 

I refound my love for Dragon Ball and Anime after starting my page. Being accepted into the Dragon Ball community so quickly has been amazing and really gives me a space to be true to my inner nerd. I love it.

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Nerd Out on Dragon Ball Z with Snapchat


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