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If you want to see impressive snapchat art, add TurbanChino. Not only does he make great still snapchat artwork, his videos are equally as awesome. He does have a bit of adult humor and it is funny! You can see all of his work on his instragram @TurbanChino► His subject matter is mostly pop culture, which is very relevant and I connect with all of it. Definitely one of my favorite snap artist by far!  

What TurbanChino Have to Say About His Snaps

I was never into taking selfies.. until Snapchat came along. I started using Snapchat in early 2013. I would do simple drawings with the available colours, but I'd like to think that discovering black, white and other colour possibilites was the game changer for me. With that, I started doing more detailed drawings. Majority of my snaps are based on pop culture, current events and things/TV shows/films I loved growing up. I enjoy making snaps and always try my best to keep them as original as possible.

TurbanChino Snapchat Gallery

Thought I'd include a rate PG-13 on the last snap. This one made me laugh. View all his funny snaps on his instragram @TurbanChino►

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Check Out Pop Culture Snapchat Artist TurbanChino


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