Learn Pick Up Lines From Snapchat Artist Bryanstbryan

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If you think you've heard every pick up line, this guy has some new ones for you. He uses the visual of snapchat doodles to deliver pick up lines he's "overheard" or maybe even given? Just kidding. Check out his Instagram for more snaps.

What Bryanstbryan Have to Say About His Snaps

This whole concept of creepy pick-up lines and bad puns started about 5 years ago, when I was a full-time bartender and would overhear some of the most ridiculously cheesy attempts at talking to women at the bar. Some coworkers, and fellow weirdos, thought it was so funny, that we decided to start making up our own raunchy, outrageous, and ridiculous lines, and text them to each other. Fast forward a few years to me discovering snapchat, so I decided to take some of the classics and make up new ones, and put them in art form. I take a similar selfie, from my bed, each time to up the "creepy factor." I started with quick drawings, but after seeing how many people were screenshotting them and having fun with my weird sense of humor, I started getting more detailed with the drawings. Some of my favorite lines are just waiting until I feel that I can do them justice with my art.

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 WARNING: NC-17 Rated - pictures are safe, adult humor on captions. 


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Learn Pick Up Lines From Snapchat Artist Bryanstbryan


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