You Won't Believe This Was Drawn on Snapchat

Snaplight on @Salliasnap

While some people struggle to make a stick figures on Snapchat, Sallia has Snapchat doodle mastered! Ridiculously and unbelievably talented. Not only is her technical skills amazing, but her surreal approach to portraits is also to be admired. She is one of my favorite snapchat artist. Also, check more of Sallia's snapsterpieces on her Instagram.

What Salliasnap Have to Say About Her Snaps

My sister suggested I try it. It's a creative outlet for my technical life. It's something I can use to unwind after school or work. Drawing gives me something to focus on when I have nothing to do while alleviating my social anxiety. Specifically with Snapchat and Instagram, I can reach a larger audience. This means I get to meet other artists. It's nice for feedback. Also I'd describe my "art" as "one step above a selfie.

Salliasnap Snapchat Gallery

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You Won't Believe This Was Drawn on Snapchat


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