Incredible Famous Art Recreated with Snapchat

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The community of Snapchat artists never cease to amaze me. Snapchat is such a simple drawing tool, but artists from all over use it in incredible ways. Kerri Ann has done an amazing job with the tool and created amazing recreations of famous artworks. Check out her Tumblr and Instagram to see more of her stunning masterpieces.

What Kerriannstj Have to Say About Her Snaps

For me, snapchat art is as much the process as the end product. I love how I'm almost forced to do the entire work in one sitting and can't always just 'undo' or 'erase' mistakes like in other mediums. It's frustrating, especially when snapchat glitches and an entire work is lost, not to mention the sometimes painstaking hour-long process that goes into the final picture. I think it's very rewarding to know that I could never replicate the snap in exactly the same way - it makes each work unique. I do snapchat art for the challenge, trying to paint some of history's greatest artworks and other artworks that speak to me with my own personal twist and adaptations for a contemporary medium. There's a sense of satisfaction to be able to draw sometimes complex pictures despite snapchat's limitations, especially without using a stylus. A lot of my friends and other snapchat artists have become invested in my work and I'm always happy to satisfy a request - I love how something so simple as a 10-second picture on a phone can put a smile on someone's face!

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Incredible Famous Art Recreated with Snapchat


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