Cats Are taking Over Snapchat

Snaplight on Cakes1ToDough1

They are on Youtube. They are on Instagram. They are on Facebook. Now, cats have made it to Snapchat! Audrey, Cakes1ToDough1, is the incredible artist and loving cat owner. Her funny cats has been featured on Buzzfeed and a few other sites - famous cat! Can't get enough? Check out her Website for the full cat gallery.

What Cakes1ToDough1 Have to Say About Her Snaps

Making my "snapcats" (or as the french might say "snapchats") is one of my favorite things to do! Get home from work, sit down with a bottle of wine, turn on Netflix, poke my cats until they do something cute, then draw. In general, I just love snapchat and making people laugh. So if you like that kinda stuff I would be happy to be your snapchat bestie! 

Cakes1ToDough1 Snapchat Gallery

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Cats Are taking Over Snapchat


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