Dad Draws a Snapchat of His Son for 365 Days

Snaplight on GlassNClouds

This Snapchat account just puts a smile on my face. Snapchat is originally something that is meant to be impermanent, something that disappears in 10 seconds, but Anthony, the artist of these adorable and amazing snaps, uses the tool to create and capture memories of his son. He plans make a snapchat drawing of his son for 356+ days. It's a brilliant, sweet and a very creative idea. Catch Anthony's Snapchat journey on his Tumblr and Instagram. Definitely one of my fav Snapchat accounts to follow.

What GlassNClouds Have to Say About His Snaps

I started this for my son when he was only a month old and promised I would snap a picture of him everyday for a year. After the 365+ days of snaps I plan to print and create a book for him to look back on.

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Dad Draws a Snapchat of His Son for 365 Days


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