How to Make Tons of Friends on Snapchat - Draw AWESOME Pictures

Snaplight on @Sambo.03

Meet the talented Snapchat artist Sambo.03. You may remember him from the "Submit Your Picture with Ele."

From funny cartoons, to more detailed characters, Sam has a great series of Snapchats to check out. See his fav snaps below and follow his Instagram for more.

What Sambo.03 Have to Say About His Snaps

When I first heard of Snapchat I didn't think much of it. Took me awhile to get round to downloading it, but as soon as I did, I loved it! At first I was sending pics to a few friends to see who can draw the funniest/ most stupid pictures. If it wasn't for my mate Nut, I probably wouldn't have started drawing the snaps I do today. After a while, I wanted to try for more detail in my drawings. 

I started with around 10 friends on my Snapchat, but as my contacts grew, so did the screenshots & compliments of my snaps. (considering the unbelievable snapchat artists out there) I am amazed that mine are getting noticed and liked. I work a lot so I don't get much free time, but as soon as I get an opportunity, I'm thinking of what next!

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How to Make Tons of Friends on Snapchat - Draw AWESOME Pictures


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