This Guy Will Put Your Stick Figures to Shame

Snaplight on Hibikino

This guy has the Snapchat drawing technique mastered. Super talented, hands down. See more amazingness on his Instagram and Twitter.

Who is this? Oh it's me!

What Hibikino Have to Say About His Snaps

How did I get started
I started snapping last year in June after being introduced by some younger friends of mine just to talk and send photos. I started to reply with small doodles and it was through that they noticed I had not been using my full artistic ability. I had been on hiatus for a long time after feeling I plateaued as an artist. They kept asking me if I could one-up my previous snaps so I happily obliged. Soon enough I was taking up the entire screen and experimenting with different techniques.I have only been public with my art for a few weeks though, I used to only do it for friends and regret not keeping more of my earlier efforts.

Where do I get my inspiration
Everywhere. The world, news, friends and family, other artists... you name it. I probably draw the most inspiration from my childhood cartoons and videogames along with my
mentors and favourite artists. The snapchat art community is small but very driven and surprisingdiversity, techniques, concepts and talents. It is incredibly inspiring to see all the different ways people have used the app to express themselves creatively beyond taking photos/videos.

Why do I make Snapchat art?
The same reason why I started To make others smile. After a lot of encouragement from my close friends to get my art out there, I'm starting to do so. I never really considered Snap Chat as an artistic tool until I was asked to do more with it and I'm having so much fun learning how to draw again as well as connect with other artists all over the world. I hope to inspire others just as I have been inspired and continue to be inspired every day.

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This Guy Will Put Your Stick Figures to Shame


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