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WittGuy if definitely a fitting name for the creator these witty and funny pop culture referenced snaps. See his most updated works on his Website.

What Wittguy Have to Say About His Snaps

Soooo,Why do I do snap?
I started out my Snapchat career as an avid selfie-taker. The Duckface Selfie, The Bathroom Selfie, The Gym Selfie -- you name it, I had it MASTERED!! Then, one fateful day, I sent out a selfie from the wrong angle, and experienced my first case of Severe DoubleChin Syndrome (as it's known in the medical community.) Obviously, the vast majority of my friends deleted me as a Snapchat contact. Despite my constant pleas for them to add me back, they knew better. They knew taking me back would only mean an endless stream of mediocre selfies.

Just when I was beginning to believe that hope was lost, I had an epiphany. Realizing that my selfie game was not nearly as strong as my doodling abilities, I started using my time on long train rides to really crank the Snapchat art to the next level in hopes of providing my friends with a more enjoyable Snapchat experience. Though I feel so #blessed to have my followers back at pre-DoubleChin Crisis levels, I still aim to make snaps my friends will enjoy and usually try to incorporate current events or pop culture references to keep it relevant.

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Pop a Laugh with Witty Pop Culture Snaps


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