Dad Uses Snapchat to Connect With His Kids

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People have all sort of reasons why they do Snapchat. Snapchat, formally notorious for being "not a very family friendly app," is finding new uses. Ryanborill says, "The number one reason I use Snapchat is to connect with my kids." He involves his kids in his snap drawings by allowing them to be characters in the world he draws for them. You can see more of Ryanborill's snaps on his Instagram.

What Ryanborill Have to Say About His Snaps

How did I get started?
When I saw Snapchat in action for the first time I was immediately hooked.  I couldn't wait to take my own snap and transform it into something more!  I started drawing what my kids were asking me to draw, and they would get super excited when I finished.

Where do I get my ideas?
I get my ideas mainly from my kids who are at an age where they are into something different everyday.  My kids constantly ask, "Can you draw that dad?", and I say, "lets find out."  I never know what they are going to ask me to draw next, and that's cool!  Snapchat allows me to connect with them in a different kind of way because they get involved in the snaps.  It can be addictive for all of us as a family.

Why do I make snap art?
The number one reason I use Snapchat is to connect with my kids, and as my Snap Chat friends grow it allows me to share a glimpse of my adventure to people all over the world.  That's the coolest feature for me!

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Dad Uses Snapchat to Connect With His Kids


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