Witty Traditional Calligraphy Art on Snapchat

Snaplight on Decalex

Check out this unique, traditional calligraphy, Snapchat account by Decalex. His calligraphy work is not only beautiful, but he also adds humor to some of his work. Definitely a snapper to follow. You can see his full calligraphy gallery on his Instagram and Tumblr. He even turned my name into a work of art! See below.

What Decalex Have to Say About His Snaps

Why do I use snapchat?

Long answer: I used snapchat for a couple of years to stay in touch with friends but rarely posted to my story. I started with pointed pen calligraphy about 5 months ago and fell in love with it. The "master penmen" say it takes practicing every day for 10 years (omg) to get good-- so I started posting to my snapchat story as an experiment to get myself to practice every night. The snapchat audience responded kindly and was surprised to see how much interest there was. I see it as a meditation now and love the audience feedback. I love the juxtaposition between this old art form and new technology. I post a selfie every now and then to let people know I'm just a normal dude: I don't wear a tunic or have a fancy calligrapher's mustache.

Short answer: I'm lazy and the snapchat audience keeps me driven to practice every night. 

Decalex Snapchat Gallery


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Witty Traditional Calligraphy Art on Snapchat


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