Kevin Jonas is on Snapchat

Kevin Jonas (KevinJonasii) is on Snapchat

Kevin Jonas is American musician and actor. He is the oldest member of the Jonas Brothers. In 2008, he appeared on People magazine's list of the Sexiest Men Alive.

And guess who got a chance to interview him! Me! *Fan girl scream!*

Kevin Jonas Answers Your Fan Submitted Questions



Not only is Kevin Jonas successful in the music field, but he also creates apps multi-talented guy! If  you hungry and have no idea where to eat, Yood is extremely helpful solving that problem. Download and try this free app!

Flash Opp

To add on to Kevin's list of awesome things he does, he also created an analytics tool for Snapchat called Flashopp. If you are a brand or viral snapper, you'll wonder how you snapped without this tool. It'll help you track how well your snaps are doings, not only in your story, but the ones you send out individually. You can track your account on your computer, automatically save snaps your users send, send snaps from the computer and track your campaign all in one place. Check it out at


Kevin Jonas Talkin' Snap Interview with Mark Kaye

Oh Snap, I mean, Oh Instagram!

Hey, that's my snap on Kevin Jonas Instagram! ^_^

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Kevin Jonas is on Snapchat


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