Rawr! Melvin the Monster is Taking Over Your Snapchat


Snaplight on Rudiger16

Meet Melvin the Monster. He's funny and of course, scary! Check Rudiger16 and Melvin the Monster on Snapchat. More snaps on his Instagram.

What Rudiger16 Have to Say About His Snaps

My name is Rudy and I'm from Thailand. I always enjoy making others laugh whether I know them or not. Since most of my friends are all over the world, I have found that snapchat was the best way to randomly stay in touch and make people smile.
A lot of my snaps aren't just art, but a lot of videos lip syncing to songs and random inside jokes with friends. I try to make a stranger smile everyday and it makes me happy to know I can do all of this with a simple app. A lot of people think that I have a lot of time, but to me it's worth 10-15 minutes per day to make a lot of people smile.
Hope you enjoy the quick snap below Cyrene! I too have a little snap friend hehe.

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Ele said she wants to schedule a playdate with Melvin!

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Rawr! Melvin the Monster is Taking Over Your Snapchat


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