See These Incredibly Drawn Dragon Ball Z Snapchats

Snaplight on FlyTalker

Everyone needs to step up their Snapchat game after looking at this guy's gallery. Woah, that's all I have to say. Check out more incredible Snapchats on his Instagram.

What FlyTalker Have to Say About His Snaps

I started using snapchat around one year ago. My friends and I would use it to send funny drawing to each other. I would also draw self portraits of myself as various superheroes/anime characters. The Instagram page DBZsnaps held a DBZ snapchat competition which I entered and won. Since then I have started drawing DBZ and other comic book characters. I enjoy drawing on snapchat because of the convenience and ability to draw anywhere and at anytime I want. I use a iPad and a iPhone 6 for my drawings.

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See These Incredibly Drawn Dragon Ball Z Snapchats


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