Meet Shonduras, One of the Biggest Snapchat Celebrity

Snaplight on Shonduras

Meet one of the first viral Snapchat celebrity. According to this Forbes article, Shonduras is "Snapchat’s first homegrown celebrity." He's amazing, funny, talented, a great storyteller and every Snapchat account should have him on their story feed.

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Shonduras Interview with The11thSecond

What Shonduras have to Say About His Snaps

"Snapchat has a lot of creative possibilities!! A lot of times I try and do things that are ironic or realistic with a touch of unrealistic. Usually if I see something funny, I just take a pic of it. Then I will look at the pic and think what could I draw hear to make this picture even better!?"

Shonduras Snapchat Gallery 

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Meet Shonduras, One of the Biggest Snapchat Celebrity


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