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Get ready for high energy, loud and crazy Snapchats from Snapplecapsam. See more snaps on his Instagram and Youtube.

What Snapplecapsam Have to Say About His Snaps

I’m in love with the SNAP CHAT!

I travel a ton for my job as a videographer and photographer, so initially SC was a way to stay in touch with friends around the world.

I wanted to send goofy stuff to friends without filling up some gallery like on instagram or vine. That’s why I got hooked on SC.

I was just having fun and being crazy, and people started following me. The more friends I make, the more I feel inspired to produce entertaining snaps!

One of my passions, and perhaps God given gifts, is story telling. SC motivates me to take normal situations like the airport or hospital and make them into hilarious adventures. I also love snapping when I travel for work; from clowning around with strangers, to exploring the jungles of Indonesia, I wanna make people smile!

I love both laughter and learning! I’m full of random facts about this crazy world of ours, and that’s why my username is Snapplecapsam. My new years resolution for 2015 is to do a fact a day on SC. You can see some of my previous snapventures and catch up with the daily facts on youtube.

Amazesome Adventures. Asinine Antics. Fascinating Facts. Stupendous Stories.
That’s what it’s all about!

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Tag Along Snapplecapsam Crazy Snapchat Adventures


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