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Get the full artistic experience. Follow BMtink through her artistic journey from digital art, to more traditional crafts and even live art events. See more of her art on her Website, Instagram and Facebook.

What BMtink Have to Say About Her Snaps

Art is my life <3 I use snapchat to share my journey as an artist. I'm a freelance artist and graphic designer by profession so all my snapchat stories revolve around all my different creative journeys!!

So what can you expect to see from my SnapChat Stories? Well, I have SOOOO MANY artistic outlets (Pretty much anything creative, or any medium I can get my hands on I'll play with and post...A lot of these are exclusive peeks that NO ONE else gets to see unless they have SnapChat since I use it more than any other app/site!

What to expect from me: Snapchat Drawings/Stories, Play by plays of Live Art events that I'm a featured artist for (painting/drawing at events for their "Entertainment" at night clubs, fairs, raves, charity events, private upscale venues, art galleries, ect!!!), I'm a model and I'm also a makeup artist and represent many different companies so you will get to see exclusive peeks of my transformation before and after's and you will see body paint/makeup I do on other models/clients, I'm a mommy of two little boys so you will see pics of them occasionally too! Sometimes I'll even post personal paintings I'm working on in my art studio or client work that I'm still in the process of finishing (WIP=Work In Progress). I promote health and love to cook so you might see healthy foods, I LOVE to laugh and snap funny candid pics of random people to entertain us both in the end. I'm very "hippie" and you will see that in my lifestyle and in my artwork...I love nature, meditation, and anything related to expanding your consciousness (The owl Snap is my spirit animal and I LOVE the moon) Love and light everyone! <3 Thank You Cyrene for allowing me to meet so many amazing snap chat friends! xo's Britt (We are all connected <3 )

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Get Artsy In and Out of Snapchat with BMtink


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