Get Fabulous Snapchat Doodles from Fabulizzz

Snaplight on Fabulizzz

It's fascinating how many artists are taking their doodles out of the notebook and using Snapchat. Follow Fabulizzz, that's 3 z's on Snapchat to get a sneak peak of her creative doodles. See more of her art on her Instagram.

What Fabulizzz Have to Say About Her Snaps

I work full time as a graphic designer and my client is a huge financial company. Most of team works remotely, so we are on conference calls a lot during the day. I love to doodle during the calls. I feel like it helps me listen more. It used to be on pen and paper (you should see my "doodle wall" at work!) but I got a stylus for my phone and now I love doing it in Snapchat. The colors are simple but work great, and I love the flexibility of it. And I like sharing my random drawings to my friends and followers.

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Get Fabulous Snapchat Doodles from Fabulizzz


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