Roar With MagmaLynx on Snapchat

Snaplight on MagmaLynx

Check out this colorful account with a variety of snaps drawings and interactive stories. See more of his snaps on his Instagram. He also run a user a submission channel for interactive snap stories called "MLSubmissions."

What MagmaLynx Have to Say About His Snaps

I do snapchat because it's a vent for me creatively. I absolutely love it! I love my channel and my followers. I enjoy meeting and talking to new people so I try to reply to everyone who snaps me. It's been hard though recently because snapchat has been losing snaps or not sending mine out. I love doing snap art and I wish I could do it full time! Snapchat allows me to share myself with the world in real time. I love making people laugh. it's what I live for. If I can make you laugh, I win. :)

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Roar With MagmaLynx on Snapchat


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