Load Up on Cuteness With Snapchat Corgi

Snaplight on Metz044

Add cuteness to your Snapchat feed with Corgi. Metz044 has a variety of snap stories, such as Emoticons movie posters, but Corgie is def my fav. See more of Metz044 and Corgi on Instagram and Twitter.

What Metz044 Have to Say About His Snaps

Number one reason is that I love corgis and my own Corgi, Sophie, is muse. Number two, and more seriously, is that I see Snapchat as an incredibly powerful tool for story telling. The creativity and spontaneousness the platform demands, makes Snapchat incredibly unique. The average attention span is only about 8 seconds now so finding ways to tell complete stories to hundreds/thousands of people, second at a time, is the future, and I want to be a part of that.

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Load Up on Cuteness With Snapchat Corgi


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