Epic Snapchat Art by JojoBlackCat123

Snaplight on JojoBlackCat123

Equipped with only an iPad and stylus, JojoBlackCat123 takes us on epic adventures with her lively, fun and creative Snapchat art. See more of her snapchat art on her Instagram.

Check this out, she drew me and Ele!

What JojoBlackCat123 Have to Say About Her Snaps

I think the reasons why I do Snapchat art are because I love pushing myself in artistic and comedic boundaries and I get to connect with amazing and talented people around the world. They are super inspiring and supportive (some of them might be naked, but they are still pretty supportive). I have the honor of seeing the world from their lenses/snaps. That and I got addicted to people liking and viewing my snaps and using way too much hastag. (Side note: I feel like the hashtag situation has gotten a little out of hand because of this Snapchat thing. #cantstopwontstop)

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Epic Snapchat Art by JojoBlackCat123


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