The Action Packed Snapart of Ivegarok

Snaplight on Ivegarok

Whether it's taking fire from the Clone Army or transforming himself into a comic superhero, Ivegarok's snaps will bring you into his fantastic world. His Instagram is also full of examples of his amazing artistic skill in and out of Snapchat.

What Ivegarok Has to Say About His Snaps

I like to draw on snap chat to bring a smile to people's days.  I also do it for practice since most of the time I spend it at work and don't really get a chance to sit down and sketch as much as I'd like to.  My snaps really don't have a linear story and are pretty random to keep it interesting although I do admit there is a huge Star wars influence to most of my snaps. Most of my snaps and other art work can be seen on my Instagram ivegarok7.

Ivegarok's Snapchat Gallery 

The Action Packed Snapart of Ivegarok


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