This Guy Paints like Van Gogh on Snapchat

Snaplight on RandyCalzone

Swirly strokes, impressionistic portraits - this guys's snaps remind me of Vincent van Gogh. 

What RandyCalzone Have to Say About His Snaps

My name is max and I was introduced to snapchat this summer. My early dabblings with the drawing tool had some success but when I found the rest of the color palette so many doors were opened. The thing that really got me was the ability to backspace on a mark, I come from a fine arts background on paper and this is my ticket to the digital end of art which I previously dreaded the idea of. It put the power to create literally at my fingertips, this feeling was and is envigorating. I've gotten back the spark in art that I've been longing to get back for a long time :).

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This Guy Paints like Van Gogh on Snapchat


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