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For all that don't know, Otaku is a name for anime and manga fans. I'm a proud Otaku myself. If you enjoy anime and ridiculously well drawn fan art, check out BreyMAlegre stories. See more of BreyMAlegre on his Pinterest and Twitter.

What BreyMAlegre Have to Say About His Snaps

At first, I only did basic drawings on Snapchat using my fingers. However, I belatedly realized that my phone actually had a stylus built- in(face- palm). Although, that's not the reason why I started slightly more detailed drawings. One day, I stumbled upon Legendary Snapchat artist (such as Big Sis Cyrene) and I thought to myself, 'is this possible for me?' I sat there in silence for a while, thinking.

With a sudden smirk on my face, I decided that I should try because ultimately, what did I have to lose? I started producing a lot of drawings afterwards but, don't get me wrong, I did still do some of my drawings using my fingers (even after my realization). Snapchat is different you see. Compared to other digital canvases, Snapchat has a limited color cache with only a few shades per color and the single sized brush stroke. Even with these obstacles, I still enjoy drawing on Snapchat and hope to one day inspire others to just go for it- like what I did. I do my Snap Art to display my passion for my interests. 

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The Ultimate Snapchat Otaku


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