Mini 10 Second Masterpieces Created with Snapchat

Snaplight on SnapWillum

I have been following SnapWillum for some time and this guy never cease to amaze me. Every single snap is a miniature masterpiece. He should have his own museum. Huge fan! See more of his work on Instagram.

What SnapWillum Have to Say About His Snaps

I spend quite some time making snapchatpieces, reason why is because I like to put myself into an environment where in im free to create what I like! I'm not always satisfied but I do love to see what my brain comes up with.  So now my Illustrations really grow on my iphone, i really dont use examples just a blank page and then moving into some kind of 'meditation' I think is the best word and I just let it flow!

Also I think, everybody likes his feeling of importance and I just wanted to leave my fingerprint here before i go and I thought socialmedia will be one of the key things marking this 20th century and I figured snapchat is a good way to show people what i can do without spamming them Because my atelier is free,  and its liquid! everybody in the whole world can zip 9 seconds from my fountain almost everyday haha.

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Mini 10 Second Masterpieces Created with Snapchat


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