Snaplight Snapper #5: Check Out RohitAlexander

Snaplight on @RohitAlexander

Check out Rohit - guy with cool snaps to go with the cool name. His Lil Mo series is def my fav. Follow his snap art on snapchat @RohitAlexander and tumblr

What RohitAlexander Have to Say About His Snaps

I started out drawing on Snapchat while in grad school, snapping things I found in and around campus & adding a little humor to them with characters relevant from internet memes, celebrities and my personal favorite - Disney. Snaps with a bit of satire always make people laugh and let's face it, who doesn't love Disney? 

Over time a co-worker of mine set up a Tumblr for me and told me that I should share (and save!) more of my stuff. I don't spend a lot of time drawing (my line of work doesn't give me that kind of leisure) but I love how Snapchat makes it easy and absolutely effortless to create & share one-of-a-kind snaps.

RohitAlexander's Snapchat Gallery


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Snaplight Snapper #5: Check Out RohitAlexander


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