Bringing Animated Characters to Life on Snapchat

Snaplight on Miabopia

We all love iconic cartoon characters from our childhood. Snapchat artist Miabopia takes her daily snaps a step further with her Disney inspired illustrations. You can find more of her entertaining snapsterpieces on her Instagram gallery.

Miabopia's BooR Code

How to Add with the Snapchat BooR Code

  1. Open Snapchat on your phone.
  2. Point the camera at the BooR code.
  3. Tap the BooR code.
  4. A purple "added" notification will appear at the top of the screen.

What Miabopia Has to Say About Her Snaps

"When I finally got Snapchat, it was mostly my sister and I sending silly pics to each other. I soon started experimenting with the drawing side of it, and was horrible. But having drawn my whole life, I saw it as a new challenge, on a new medium. I kept practicing, and sent fun drawings to friends and family. I decided to post a few drawings on Instagram, just for my friends' entertainment. They started to get likes from well-known Snap Artists. I was thrilled! Those artists inspired me to keep going, and keep practicing my craft. I'm excited to be one of them."

Miabopia's Snapchat Gallery


Bringing Animated Characters to Life on Snapchat


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