Snapchats that Will Unleash the Kid Inside You

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Who doesn't enjoy reminiscing their childhood? Joggle those precious memories with ShaunAyala snapsterpieces. See more on his Twitter and Instagram.

What ShaunAyala Have to Say About His Snaps

Snapchat gives me a creative outlet to draw. As a kid I was always drawing characters and cartoons, on paper, on walls, pretty much anywhere I could. Then I grew up and life happened, haha - while I still maintain a creative path in my corporate 9-5 job, the element of being able to draw is missing. Everything is now digitalized, photoshop, indesign etc. BUT snapchat gives me the opportunity to HAND DRAW again. I am able to draw characters I did as I child and create these cool scenes WITH me in them, like my very own cartoon land - I think thats what every kid imagined when they were little right? And I’m able to share what I draw with others digitally. Connecting with people like CyreneQ, Salliasnap, Shonduras and so many other influential people on Snapchat has been fun and truly inspiring. My goal is to create content that’s more than just a drawing - I want to invoke childhood memories, and bring to life dreams people can relate to and engage with. I want my Snapchats to be fun, interactive and memorable. Thats why I do what I do on Snapchat :)

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Snapchats that Will Unleash the Kid Inside You


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