Do Graffiti the Legal Way with Snapchat

Snaplight on C_Stephen

Graffiti is usually illegal in most places. C_Stephen is a grafitti artist that found a way to express himself without getting in any trouble. Simply take a picture of any wall and graffiti on it...with Snapchat! See more of his work on his Instagram.

What C_Stephen Have to Say About His Snaps

Why I use snapchat....honestly I find it amusing. I use it as my drawing pad or canvas for my passion that ive dabbled in since I was in grade school. Other times whatever pops in my's like a daily drawing of the day except It's not on my sketchbook it's out there for people to see and be like "hey that's cool" or "meh" hehe all are welcomed. It let's me get away with snapping out peices and bombs without having the law come up or pay any fines for places that I work on (You know vandalism..or something like that).  There aren't any legal walls as far as I know in the city I live in now. And I think of this like a train car. I get to make something and you guys get to see it as it drives by ya =). Snapchat let's me make my own walls and canvases =).

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Do Graffiti the Legal Way with Snapchat


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