Snaplight Snapper #3: Check Out MPlatco

Hi Snappers! It's been a looong time since my last Snap post. I'm still alive and back to snapping and finding the best snaps.

Snaplight on @MPlatco

Meet Mike Platco. What an awesome and very talented guy - great post to start off from the long break. Did you know MPlatco and Shonduras kicked off Disney's snapchat account. Yes, Disney - I know right?! Taking Snapchat to another level!

What MPlatco have to Say About His Snaps

I like to make snaps that insert myself into my favorite fandoms (Harry Potter / Doctor Who) or pop culture moments that will get people to laugh. Sometimes they are quick and sour of the moment, other times I spend hours planning, practicing and executing them. The best part of Snapchat, to me, is having the ability to make art at a moments notice and then out it into my followers hands immediately. 

MPlatco's Snapchat Gallery

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Snaplight Snapper #3: Check Out MPlatco


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