Meet the Team

Founder: Cyrene Quiamco (CyreneQ)

Cyrene Quiamco, known in the Snapchat world as CyreneQ, wanted to create a place where artists, storytellers, comedians and admirers of cool digital content on Snapchat, can show off, get inspired and get connected. 

Team Member: Sallia Goldstein (SalliaSnap)

Sallia is an up-and-comping snapchatter who uses playful illustrations and animations to reinterpret her day-to-day life and to tell stories that are tailored to snapchat’s user interface. Her gallery can be found on Instagram.

She initially began drawing detailed snaps as a creative way to procrastinate, but her procrastination turned into productivity once she began working with companies so they could reach her growing audience. She has consistently gained followers by leveraging other social media platforms and by regularly collaborating with other high-profile snapchatters.

Sallia maintains a high level of interaction with her audience by replying to her follower’s questions, reposting content, and featuring new artists on the11thsecond. Sallia’s creative interpretations and attention to detail allow her to maintain accurate brand identity while adding unique and enticing context for both emerging and established companies. She has previously worked with UNICEF and Dreamworks Pictures and looks forward to sharing new brands with her followers.

Team Member: CJ (OperAmericano)

CJ (known to most as OperAmericano) is brand new to the team, and is a Snapchat Artist/Storyteller that adores what she does! Having watched The 11th Second grow, she can't wait to be a part in working to make it's community become even a bigger success.

Originally she created her Snapchat account to keep up with her siblings and friends' lives on a day to day basis, but started to enjoy the artistic side to it and began making her stories into comics and quirky drawings. Upon discovering the Snapchat Artist Community, she was all in!
So far CJ has worked with Disney. She is currently launching a Worldwide Snapchat Artists board on Pinterest, in hopes of bringing media's top Snapsterpieces and artists together, to become accessible on a single page. You can check it out here:
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Meet the Team


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